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Where do we send HIKARI® Scissors for servicing?

Within the United States, click here for complete instructions.

International Clients contact us for assistance.


Which brands of scissors can be serviced by HKR HIKARI SCISSOR FACTORY INC.™?


If you send a scissor that can't be repaired, the scissor will be returned to you with a technical evaluation stating WHY? and without any cost or charge to you.

How do I contact service and/or sales?

For Service  -   United States  1.800.255.2705
Worldwide 1.310.538.1513  or  email contact service

For Sales  -   United States  1.800.445.2747
Worldwide 1.310.516.0350  or  email contact sales

Hours for Service
Monday thru Friday, 8:30a to 4:00p Pacific Standard Time

Do you ever service "On Site" or "In Salon"?

NO! - with the exception of certain TRADE SHOWS, HKR HIKARI SCISSOR FACTORY INC.™ technicians ONLY work in our factory.

If there are questions, please call our office Worldwide 1.310.538.1513 or email

You will NEVER find a certified HKR HIKARI SCISSOR FACTORY service technician working on site in a salon or from a van or truck. 

Are other people or companies trained to service HIKARI® Scissors?

NO! NO! NO! - Don't be FOOLED!  While other people or companies may claim to know how to service HIKARI® Scissors, have worked for HIKARI®, HKR HIKARI SCISSOR FACTORY INC.™ is the ONLY Factory Authorized Service Center in North America.  And,  ONLY our technicians  are Factory Certified to service Hikari Brand Scissors.


What if somebody else services my HIKARI® Scissor?

The good news is that we can most likely restore your HIKARI® Scissor's edge, accuracy and "feel".  It may take us longer than usual to repair, and there will be an additional charge.  Send it to our office for evaluation. 

Also, forward the contact information for that person or company who sharpened your HIKARI's® for our records.

What is the warranty for HIKARI® Scissors?  What is covered?

See Hikari Scissors Warranty Information

The warranty is void if someone or company other than HKR HIKARI SCISSOR FACTORY INC.™ has attemped to service or modify the scissor.

Is there a warranty on scissors serviced?

YES! ALL scissors serviced, within the United States, by HKR HIKARI SCISSOR FACTORY INC.™ is covered by our 90Day Guarantee.   contact us for assistance.

International Clients contact us for assistance.

How long does it take to get my scissor back?

After receiving your scissors, it takes approximately 1 business day to complete all required service work.

Return shipping is 2 to 3 day and we ship from our factory in Southern California.

Next Day delivery options are available at an additional charge.

contact us for current rates.

How do I send scissors for Warranty Service?

See Hikari Scissors Warranty Information

International Clients contact us for assistance regarding Warranty Service.

I just got my scissor back from being serviced and it doesn't cut right - What's wrong?

First... don't panic; we stand behind all of our work. Review the 'Care and Maintenance" information that is on the back of the technical report enclosed with your scissor.  Check the tension adjustment of your scissor; often, parts are replaced during service and some of the parts may 'settle' or 'seat' during shipping.

Also, be aware that your scissors will most likely feel different than when you sent them in - they're balanced and sharp now!

OK, I've confirmed the tension and checked my cutting technique, what if I'm unhappy with my sharpening?

Contact us for assistance.  We stand behind our work and offer an exclusive '90Day Guarantee' on all scissors we service.

The 90Day Guarantee covers ALL the 'Real Life' stuff that can happen to your scissor in salon.

This includes dropping, nicking, accidental damage.

Does not cover abuse - i.e. cutting electrical cords, chemical damage, scissors altered, modified, serviced elsewhere or Acts of "The Other Guy".

Within the United States, simply send the scissor(s) back with a copy of your service invoice or service invoice number with a cashiers check, money order, credit or debit card information for $20.00 to cover the return shipping, handling and insurance; there are no additional charges.

International Clients contact us for assistance.

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