how to send scissors for service in the United States

Thank you for choosing HKR HIKARI SCISSOR FACTORY INC.™ for your service needs.

When shipping to us, we recommend that you utilize packaging approved by the courier you are using - US Postal Service, FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc. - as this will eliminate any delays in your shipment arriving at our office.

The following information will assist you in sending scissors for service in the United States and it's territories.

Service instructions for our Clients -

You are welcome to ship your scissors to us as is convenient for you.
We receive shipments from all courier services - US Postal Service, FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.

Our corporate address is:

16102 S. Western Avenue
Gardena, California   90247   USA
Worldwide Tel: 1.310.538.1513

We recommend that you wrap your scissors individually to keep blades from opening in transit, then package in a shipping box and insure the shipment.

DO NOT send scissor boxes or cases with your scissors.

With scissors, include your complete return shipping information, contact phone number and email address.
We will return your scissors, well packaged and ready to use, in a protective shipping box.

At this time, the cost of service for ALL Brands is $45.00 for the 1st scissor and $40.00 for each additional scissor.

Prices are subject to change without notice.  Please contact us for current pricing.

Our service includes a written technical evaluation of the condition of each scissor as received and recommended care and maintenance.

The complete service of your scissor includes the replacement of washers and silencers as needed.

Other parts, if requested and available, are an additional charge.
We will notify you of cost for your approval

Return shipping

At no additional charge, return shipping is included with service.  Transit time is 2 to 3 days to a commercial business or residential address.

All shipments are secured and do not require a signature upon delivery unless requested.

Next Day delivery available.  For cost, contact us providing your complete name and return shipping information.


For your convenience, we will email a statement of charges and a secure link for payment.
Please make payment within 2 days of receiving the email to avoid any delay in return shipping.

'Corrective Reconditioning'

'Corrective Reconditioning' for Hikari® Scissors that have been serviced by individuals or companies other than HKR HIKARI SCISSOR FACTORY INC.™ is a minimum of $65.00 US per scissor.  This cost is inclusive of service and return shipping.

Non Hikari® Scissors requiring extensive corrective work, custom modifications or design alterations may incur additional charges.
If additional charges are required, we will notify you for approval before proceeding with service work.

Some reminders . . .

"Special Requests are our Specialty!"

Technical modifications or other things you might want done to your scissors...???
Multiple scissors belonging to other co-workers in your salon.

Just enclose a 'NOTE' and/or tag scissors accordingly.

Every shipment is recorded individually into our data base and we review everything that you enclose with your scissor.

If it can be done, WE WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN FOR YOU!

Also, We CAN service just about any scissor made

Our knowledge, technical skills and expertise in hand crafting Hikari® Scissors allows us to accurately restore the performance of any brand of scissor that you may own.  This also allows us to correct mistakes other sharpeners or companies have made "TRYING" to repair your scissors.

Send us your scissors before sending them to the "Scissor Graveyard"™, we may be able to help.

If not, your scissor will be returned with a written technical evaluation and there is no charge for service.

You can be confident that . . .

Our proprietary ‘Quality Assurance’ procedures ensure that the flawless sharpness, accuracy and performance of your scissors are restored before being returned to you.

??? QUESTIONS ??? or Require our assistance?  Contact US

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