"One Cut Above The Rest"™...

Like many great innovations, HKR HIKARI SCISSOR FACTORY INC.™ was created out of necessity.

HIKARI® Scissors were the first in the world designed and crafted with "Precision Convex™" blades, and HIKARI® Japan was the ONLY manufacturing and servicing facility in the world.  When HIKARI® Scissors were introduced to the North American stylist, there was no "local" facility qualified to service the uniquely designed scissors.  To provide convenient servicing for owners of HIKARI® Scissors in North America, an extension of HIKARI Japan, now known as "HKR HIKARI SCISSOR FACTORY INC.™" was created in the United States.

HKR HIKARI SCISSOR FACTORY INC.™ is the ONLY qualified HIKARI® Service Center in ALL of North America.

And, tens of thousands of hairdressers trust HKR HIKARI SCISSOR FACTORY INC.™ because of our knowledge, technical skills and expertise in hand crafting HIKARI® Scissors.

Since HKR HIKARI SCISSOR FACTORY INC.™ is an extension of the HIKARI® Factory in Japan, all of our craftsmen are trained and certified in the design and manufacturing of HIKARI® Scissors, and are accomplished at properly restoring a scissor's edge, balance and accuracy to 'LIKE NEW' performance.

Whether you're the proud owner of a HIKARI® Scissor, or a different brand, join the tens of thousands of satisfied HKR HIKARI customers and experience a level of service unparalleled by any other... We truly are "One Cut Above The Rest"™

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